How to Install a Pegboard Tool Garage

If you’re like most other home decor & DIY enthusiasts, you’d rather spend your time creating a fun, beautiful space in your home than fumbling around in the back of the garage cabinet digging for tools. But let’s face it: Somewhere along the way most of us have accumulated a few too many tools for our small toolbox or have had to buy a few too many kits from IKEA to hold our drill bits, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Although you could try buying (or renting) a big tool chest or cabinet to solve your storage problems, these can be expensive and take up a lot of space. Instead, why not consider installing a pegboard wall?

Pegboards are an excellent way to organize tools and other small items in your home. They’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to install yourself with just a few tools. Plus, you can customize them however you like by adding different types of hooks and shelves to hold everything from garden tools to kitchen utensils.

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Pegboard Tool Garage Materials List:

  • 2x4s for frame
  • pegboard
  • 3.5″ screws
  • 1.25″ screws and washers
  • peg board
  • beg board hooks/accessories of your choice
  • miter saw
  • drill

Pegboard Tool Garage How To:

Step 1: Locate your wall studs using a stud finder. Mark the location of the studs with a pencil.

Step 2: Decide how large you’d like your pegboard wall to be. Ours is a full 4′ by 8′ sheet. You are going to create a frame for your pegboard using 2x4s, and you want to ensure the frame is in as many studs as possible. Using the studs as your guide, Mark the edges of your pegboard frame with a pencil and level to ensure it is straight.

Step 3: Use a drill to create pilot holes for screws in your frame boards (3-4 per board). Because our pegboard was so large, we also put a piece of frame in the middle to ensure it would be extra stable.

Step 4: Using 3.5″ screws, attach your frame to the wall/studs.

Step 5: The easy part! Using 1.25″ screws and washers, attach your pegboard to the frame.

Step 6: Finally, add any hooks or other storage accessories to complete your custom storage solution according to your needs. You can purchase these items from most hardware stores, or get creative and upcycle some things you may already have around your home. I’ve also linked a few of my favorites in this post.

And that’s it! All your tools are now visible and organized – a DIYers dream!

Plus, you now have more storage space for other items in your home wherever your tools used to live – win win!

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If you try this project, let me know in the comments below!

It’s one I can’t wait to recreate in our new home very soon, but about twice the size! 😉


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