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Cozy Winter Decorations for your Home

Happy January! It’s always a weird time in the couple of weeks after the holidays, isn’t it? My decor always feels so blah and kind of sad after the Christmas decor has been taken down.

This year I even left my Christmas tree up far longer than usual (through Jan 3) because I just couldn’t bear to say goodbye! I actually used it as the backdrop for some fun NYE decor that my husband and I enjoyed alone because #quaratine. 😛

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But after the tree came down, it took me a little while to get back in my decor groove. It seems that way every year, too. But never fear, I have some tried and true decor tips that help get me, and YOU, over the hump of no Christmas twinkle and into some cozy winter vibes! Winter decorations don’t have to be difficult!

Winter Decor Tip 1:

Continue using the natural elements of winter. One of my favorite ways to do this is with pinecones. I always pull out my pinecones at the beginning of the holiday season and usually leave them out through the end of February. They add great texture and give that cozy winter cabin feel! Other natural elements I love to use are birch logs and greenery clippings.

Winter Decor Tip 2:

Texture! And don’t be afraid to add texture in a “non-traditionally winter” way. For example, on our fireplace this year, I actually incorporated my pampas grass from last Fall. It’s not something you would expect in most winter decor, but because it has so much texture and movement too it, it’s a great anchor for a space to make it extra cozy.

When paired with eucalyptus and other more traditional winter greens like cedar and cypress, it looks right at home! I also added extra texture with these SUPER easy paper bag stars. I don’t have a tutorial for them simply because they are EVERYWHERE – but here is a good one to follow. My tip: swap the elmers glue for a hot glue gun and you’ll cut the time it takes to make these in LESS than half!

White bottlebrush trees are another great texture option that is more traditionally winter. I don’t usually leave mine out because we are in Southern California and it just doesn’t feel right for our space, but I LOVE seeing them in other people’s winter decor!

Winter Decor Tip 3:

Antlers! I know not everyone has antlers lying around, but if you do, they are a great statement transition piece into the winter months. Last year I used them above our mantel, and this year they hang in our entryway. It’s another element that adds a kind of winter cabine feel to your home.

No antlers? No problem! Large winter themed artwork (maybe with some pine trees or a snowy scene) sans any red are also a great statement piece for the season!

Winter Decor Tip 4:

Keep some twinkle! One of the hardest parts about taking Christmas decor down is losing the magic of the twinkle lights! So leave some up as part of your winter decorations! Battery operated twinkle lights that operate on a timer are my top choice, because they just turn on and off for you. No muss no fuss!

My witty NYE letterboard message! 😉
Using my pampas grass again here – not traditionally “winter,” but adds so much cozy texture!


Winter Decor Tip 5:

Keep your basic Christmas greenery out and create beautiful large arrangements for your coffee or dining tables. So that means, anything with red berries gets put away, but you keep out some of the basic pine, cedar, etc. And by combining them into larger arrangements, you are again creating statement pieces that feels distinctly like winter.

And if you’ve been here awhile, you know I pretty much add fresh eucalyptus to EVERYTHING (even during Christmas), because it just adds a special touch, especially when you are working solely with faux greenery otherwise. I grab my eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s, but if you don’t have a TJs nearby, you can source from a local florist or other grocery store.

I even add winter greenery to my wall in this large hanging wall bucket!
Another great spot to display antlers!

And there you have it! Winter decorations made easy! I hope you can take some of these tips and use them in your own home to combat those January blues we often feel after the holiday decor is gone!

Wishing you the most wonderful 2021 – I can’t wait to continue to share my projects and decor ideas with you! If there is anything specific you’d like to see, please let me know in the comments below!




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